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messy children's workshop

The Book Tree Press runs workshops at festivals, in schools...
and whenever invited really! A selection of workshops are suggested
below to wet your appetite.

Please contact Lucy on +44 (0)77 969 20533
or to discuss a workshop.


Children's workshops

Book trees, lighthouses and rockets
Make booky sculptures like you have never seen before.

A book is a garden in your pocket
Create a secret garden hidden safely inside a book, full of colourful flowers and bugs and butterflies. But watch out for Mr McGregor the gardener!

Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails!
Beetles and honey, or tomato sauce jelly? Make up and illustrate your very revolting recipe book. Eww!

Paper pirates
A floating book in the form of a paper boat. Decorate and name your boat? Hide a treasure map inside? Race your boats down the river?

Become a borrower for the day
Take a trip inside the world of Mary Norton’s novel The Borrowers where we’ll make oversized clothing and furniture from materials that once
had a different life.

Educational workshops
Workshops are also available with a specific educational focus. Activities can be designed to compliment school curriculum and subjects being studied. For example, help bring to life classic literature such as Peter Pan and Mary Poppins. Write your own recipe book, picture book or graphic novel.

Older workshops

Wearable paper
Use paper in imaginative ways to create a wearable accessory. Combine folding, texture, stitching & colour to transform an everyday material into something beautiful.

A book is a garden in your pocket
Discover the medium of altered books by taking changing an existing book so that this canvas becomes a sculptural hidden garden full of colour
within this existing book.

An Introduction to bookbinding
Create a selection of hand bound books made using simple yet wonderfully versatile non-adhesive bindings.

Hardbound book
Make a complete hardbound book that will be a beautiful gift for someone special or a little treat for yourself.




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